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Master Degree in Hotel Management

Course name: Master of Science Hotel Management (MHM)
Duration of course: 2 years
There are many different types of careers that can be pursued with a hospitality management degree. You could choose to become a general manager. You may also decide to specialize in a particular area, such as lodging management, food service management, or casino management. Some other options may include opening your own restaurant or working as an event planner.

Eligibility criteria for foreign students

  • Degree from an accredited university together with the year-wise Academic Transcript duly authenticated by the Indian Embassy in your country or their Mission in India.
  • Students whose mother tongue is not English, must prove English knowledge in the Admission office or provide a B2 or equivalent certificate in order to receive a conditional offer by the institute.
  • Recommended minimum age of 21 years.

It would be appropriate to mention here that the duration of the Bachelor’s degree program in India is 3 years however, in most of the countries Bachelor’s degree is of 3 – 4 years. Therefore, for admission in Master’s degree Indian educational system considers the total length of study as 15 years (10 + 2 + 3) and issue equivalence.

The Master Degree in Hotel Management is targeting students with an interest in management positions within the hospitality management.

Semester I, 4 months Semester II, 6 months Semester III, 4 months Semester IV, 6 months

Food & Beverages Production
Food & Beverages Management
House Keeping Management
Economics and Statistics for Hotel and Tourism
Front Office Management

Internship / Industrial training Kitchen Operations Management
Fundamentals of Tourism
Specialized Food Services
Management Information Systems
Nutrition and Food Hygiene
Facility Management
Internship / Industrial training
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