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Diploma / Certificate in Hotel Management & Catering Technology

Duration: 12 months
Internship: 4 / 6 months
Each course in the following program can be taken separately on the 3 / 6 months basis and issued by the certificate or 12 months diploma.

Front-office, Food & Beverage Service, Food Production, House Keeping, Cookery & Bakery, Principals of Management


  • Introduction to Hotel Industry
  • Classification of hotels
  • Attributes of a good receptionist
  • Basic of charging & food plans
  • Front-office functions
  • Functional organization
  • Guest cycle (reservation, arrival, occupancy, departure)
  • Reservation, Whitney system
  • Cooperation of Front-Office with housekeeping
  • Message handling
  • Telephone

Food & Beverage Service

  • Introduction to Hotel Industry, attributes of waiter
  • Food & beverage organization, staff organization of various restaurants, equipment’s
  • Restaurant service, arrangements of sideboards, loading / carrying of trays
  • Types of menu, accompaniment & garnishes, beverages systems, banquets & buffets
  • Practical hands-on trainings: order taking, napkin folding, arrangement of the side boards, types of service, loading and carrying of light and heavy trays, set up of breakfast cover, lunch and dinner. Beverage practical (limited): alcoholic / non alcoholic.

Food Production

Kitchen organization, methods of cooking, vegetables, stock, sauces, meat, fish, salads, soups, sandwiches, cake making, bread making, pastries, poultry.

Menu planning, food costing, work method, evaluation of a recipe. Practical hands-on trainings: cuts of vegetable, cuts of fish, salad with dressing, soup, sandwiches, chicken, fish, biryani or pulao, pizza.

House Keeping

Outlines of duties & function of staff, organizational chart.

Importance of housekeeping department, principles of cleaning, types of rooms / beds, areas of responsibility, lost & found, room status.

Daily cleaning of guestrooms & bathrooms, evening services, cleaning of vacant room, daily cleaning of public areas, cleaning agents & equipment. Interdepartmental co-operation, maids trolley, housekeeping report, interior decoration & flower arrangement.

Interdepartmental co-operation, maids trolley, housekeeping report, interior decoration & flower arrangement.

Cookery & Bakery

An ideal career course in which housewife, hotelier, caterer and student; all can utilize their creative talents. This course provides a stimulus to candidates to work independently and earn a good income. Out international team of professional teachers and Chefs will provide you with


  • Indian traditional cuisine
  • Russian traditional cuisine
  • Continental, Italian, Japanese cuisine


Soup: types of soups, important points to remember when making soups

Gravies: different types of gravies and their preparations Rice: points to note when making rice dishes

Cakes: different types of cakes and icing, different methods of making cakes Breads: methods of making bread

Salads: types of salads, parts of salads Sandwich: types of sandwiches, methods of making sandwiches.

Practicals: Soups, chicken, biryani, vegetable dishes, cakes and icing bread and sandwich.

Principals of Management

Basics of management: definitions, planning, hierarchy of objectives, management by objectives, management by exceptions.

Organizing: nature of organizing, formal and informal organizational structure and process of organizing, authority and responsibility, decision making.

Staffing & Directing: purpose of staffing, recruitment and selection, training and development, performance appraisal, principals of direction, leadership, motivation, communication.

Controlling: concept of management control, nature of control, needs for control, significance and limitations of control, types of control, process of control, control techniques.

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