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Fees & Expenses

Fees structure for foreign students

  • Academic & Practical Tuition Fees. Tuition fees for foreign students are Rs. 150.000 per year. This is a special initiative introduction price and the fees applies to all hotel management diploma and degree programs.
  • Accommodation & Meals. Accommodation & meals package is optional and suggested on different price depending on accommodation conditions.
  • Additional Charges. Includes study materials, guidelines and insurances.
  • Refundable Deposit. A refundable deposit of INR 30.000 ‒ is required by all applicants. This deposit will be refunded after completion of the full course, provided that none of the school property has been damaged/misplaced by students.

Academic & Practical Tuition Fees - Hotel Management Programms*

Course Duration Indian residents, INR Foreign student, INR / USD
Certificate 3 months INR 25000 INR 39000 USD 645
Certificate 6 months INR 39000 INR 64000 USD 1065
Diploma / Degree Per year INR 95000 INR 150000 USD 2475

*The fees include nonrefundable registration fees in the amount of Rs. 25000 (415 USD).

Tuition fees for foreign students are Rs. 150000 per year. This is a special initiative introduction price and fees apply to all programs.
The fees include nonrefundable registration fees in the amount of Rs. 25000. The fees are based on the standard number of study credits required for each course and reductions are offered for early payment.

Special conditions: a reduction of 5% is available to all students who pay their fees in full 120 days prior to the start of each term. The reduction of 10% is also available to students who pay more than one year in advance.

We support installment payment procedure. Tow installment payments in the amount of Rs. 75000 and Rs. 75000 correspondingly in addition to the nonrefundable registration fees of Rs. 25000. The first payment should be done before the enrollment, the second payment should be done not later than the start of the practical training. 

Indian students and permanent residents of India are eligible for a reduced fee structure. For more information please contact the Admissions office.

Institute Bank Account for Fees Transfer


Account number: 507200301000302
IFSC code: 
Indian Technical Institute, Vijay Mandhyan

Accommodation & Meals

Institute will suggest accommodation for the first days with additional charges of 45 USD per day and support by searching accommodation in the area close to the institute campus.

Approximate accommodations expenses differ from the season and accommodation conditions. Prices range from 250 – 300 USD per month for one person. Single rooms, deluxe room or accommodation on other facilities like bungalows, villas or deluxe sea side villas are available for an additional charge. “Rent a bike” and “rent a car” options are available for an additional charge. Accommodation may be allocated in different facilities subject to availability.

The studying days meals are included: breakfast and lunch; dinner and meals on weekends on request. Special diet: Russian Chef and Russian Cuisine.  

Additional Charges

Included in the Additional Charges, will be provided on demand:

  • Arrival in Goa
  • Welcome desk at the airport and airport transfer
  • Introduction weekend
  • School uniform (Bachelor students and Postgraduate students only)


  • Eligibility fees, Karnataka University, Rs 15000 – foreign graduate diploma recognition for Postgraduate students
  • Books and teaching materials
  • Academic guidance
  • Study advisor
  • Wireless Internet connection is free in the Office
  • Graduation and official certificate and examination fees

Insurance and social assistance

  • Health insurance (during academic semester)

Internship and career services

  • Internship placement and assistance
  • Internship preparation and report


  • Use of campus recreational facilities
  • Two sightseeing or professional excursions
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